Corporate Training

As a Corporate Director or business leader you will recognise that your biggest ongoing expense is your workforce. As you require motivated and creative teams, does it not make sense to invest in them? With the right continued professional development, you are likely to get far more from your employees. The right training will stimulate them into action, keep them on their toes and embraced with a mind-set of excellence.


The right training will afford your employees with the opportunity to come out of their day-to-day routine to reflect on their practice. It will develop your teams creating a sense of ongoing growth, creativity and stimulates your workforce to come out of their comfort zone, empowering them to take appropriate risks and become open to new ideas.


We can often assume that our employees have the necessary skill-sets to succeed in every aspect of their role and in all that is demanded of them. It may be hard for a leader to admit that they fall short in certain areas. In reality we are all human, we could all benefit from learning new stimulating techniques to build up or sharpen some of our necessary skill-sets.


In order to meet this need, I offer a comprehensive range of training services and workshop packages that are specifically designed to develop key skills that are typically required to succeed in the workplace. My training workshops will develop leaders, managers and employees at all levels in the organisation to maintain that competitive advantage. The right training and development can greatly enhance employee confidence and engagement, nurture talent and improve performance. The workshops can be developed around the specific needs of your organisation and in a timescale to best suit.


Whilst some companies choose specific training workshops, others prefer to purchase an annual ongoing bespoke training programme. In the latter model, I become their company trainer, developing packages suited to their workforce. This gives directors the confidence that the trainer gets develops meaningful relationships with their teams which affords ongoing flexibility, knowing that their company needs are being met to the fullest.

See a wide range of training workshops on offer. If you require any further information about these training sessions, I invite you to contact me directly. We can explore your needs and plan a comprehensive training day / programme that

combines more than one focus. It's ultimately about responding to your specific needs, that makes MICOach a unique prospect for your company and its priorities.

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