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Are you a Ieader or a company executive? If so, you have probably come to appreciate that so much about the success of the business falls on your shoulders! Have you ever asked yourself if you're showing up right, with the right mindset? Do you believe that your employees are giving the company value for money? Are you convinced that the business vision is correct? Do you need to gain more confidence in your decision making? Does you leadership need fine tuning? Through my bespoke coaching, I will take you through a rigorous and challenging strategic goal setting process that helps you to identify for yourself what your priorities ought to be, and then helps you to be in the driving seat following a mapped out plan. This will empower you to move forward in a systematic way, with clarity of purpose, prioritising the actions that will make the difference to your results. The initial wins, and ongoing rigorous accountability structures, will keep you on track and in the driving seat, whilst elevating your results to brand new levels.

I work with CEOs who realise the power of coaching or have learnt about its potential. I also support key individuals within the business, supporting them to be galvanised, embrace change and leap forward with certitude and confidence. I work with teams, motivating them through a transformation process that helps them to embrace an attitude of growth, central to the company's vision.

My coaching approaches are designed to be flexible to cater for all settings and situations. The ultimate goal is to create a mindset and systems that help deliver achievement. You will find that you and your team/s will become more focused on achievement and outcomes than ever before, becoming experts at producing results.

Josh Freudiger 
Director - Galaxee Global Ltd

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Coaching can be a big decision, and finding the right person who you can connect with is critical to the success that you desire. We will therefore meet for an initial non-committal, totally free consultation. At this meeting you will have an opportunity to talk me through your current situation and the results that you would like to see. I will share with you how I can support you by explaining the process. Following this, you will have the opportunity to decide whether coaching is for you, and we will both ascertain if I am the right person for you to work with.

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