Meet MiCoach

Leadership & Results Coach 

So you've made the commitment to embrace a new way forward, you want to transform your results, taking them to a brand new level, whether in relation to yourself, your businness, or both - well done! 


These decisions are easy to make, but can be more challenging to implement and sustain, especially when pitfalls crop up on your journey.

I offer a bespoke, personal and professional coaching service that allows you to win, transforming you and your results. The coaching is designed around you, helping you to be in the driving seat, navigating yourself, feeling empowered to lead yourself, and your teams, with a revitalised sense of motivation and focus. Remember, success breeds success, start winning today and they'll be no turning back.


Michael Cohen director of MiCoach

"Being so impressed with Michael’s leadership training last year, I repeated the exercise this year, with a new team of rising stars. Michael made it his priority to understand what our company was about and our unique culture. He connects the learning to the people in the room and their specific roles and has the ability to take people on an inspirational journey that continues to impact the way we work. I would certainly recommend MiCoach to grow your people. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Michael."

Rob Myer, Light Fantastic, Managing Director- 2020

personal coaching 

Achieve your personal goals for a more enriched and fulfilled life.

professional coaching

Empower yourself towards ultimate achievement in the workplace.

corporate training 

Let me develop your teams through a bespoke range of professional training packages.

Frequently asked questions

Why MICOach?

You recognise the power that coaching or training can bring to you and your business / company. The process to achieve the results has to be right and you want to know that you are in safe hands. Michael has an MA in education with rich extensive background in leading, training and managing high performing teams for over 20 years, in the education sector. He also set up a thriving educational business. He understands people and knows how to get the best out of them through establishing deep and meaninful connection. Michael works with individuals, professionals, small business and corporates, helping them to propel their results to brand new levels. Michael is engaging, enthusiastic and a natural motivator, offering a personal and bespoke service centred around the needs of the client. If you embark on a coaching or personel training process with Michael, he will begin by helping you to fully anyalyse your current situation, challenging you to think about what's possible in terms of your future results. The next step is to design a bespoke action plan together with you, idendifying appropriate goals and actions. Whist moving forward, Michael will be with you every step of the way, implimenting a rigorous accountability process aimed at evaluating ongoing progress, keeping you on track on your journey towards ultimate achievement.

What are the benefits of training?

Most of our working day is action intensive. Our focus is ‘in’ the job as opposed to focusing ‘on’ the job. We wade through our daily tasks, performing them to the best of our ability, and unless we receive negative feedback, we genuinely believe that we are doing a pretty good job, and why not? The key challenge is that we can become too insular, get stuck in our ways, and be less creative, leading to a lack of motivation and energy to remain ahead of the game. One of our biggest business costs is our emplyees. Doesn't it therefore make sense to invest in them, helping them to grow and reach their full potential, giving you more value for money. MiCoach offers an extensive range of interactive and invigorating professional development programs that are aimed at stimulating growth. The workshops will challenge you and your teams to reflect on your ongoing practice, to ask the right questions and encouraging you towards impactful innovation. The trainings will stimulate you and your team towards a mindset of growth, equipping you with the necessary skills that will ultimately impact your performance each and every day. Some companies who want to create an ongoing culture of personal growth and development employ my services over a longer period of time, I become their company coach / trainer, building strong ongoing relationships with their employees, building highly performing and fully engaged teams. Workshops are either company based or in a convenient off-site location.

What is coaching and why do I need it?

Coaching is a stimulas for growth. It allows you to reflect on yourself, your current results and your desired results with me. I will direct the right challenging, thought provoking questions in your direction that requires you to explore your current reality in creative ways that will reveal insights that will help you to identify creative possibilities, feeding into a new vision. This vision will propel you into committing to implimenting new behaviours and impactful actions that in turn will enable you to be more and to achieve more. Coaching is process that happens in 4 stages: Stage 1. A mechanism that supports us to identify and set appropriate goals. This is an insightful process that helps you, the client, to explore yourself and what is truly important to you. Stage 2. Linking key actions to each goal, setting milestones and success criteria. Stage 3. Monitoring Progress - Evaluating successes and identifying any potential gaps, celebrating the progress and exploring the causes behind any lack of achievements. Stage 4. Evaluate ongoing allignment between the goals / actions / motivations / attitude whilst enriching this with models of theory and practical tools. Coaching provides a strong mechanism of stimulation and accountability from the creation of a strategic plan, through its implementation and onto its evaluation. It helps us to keep focused and stay on track, even during turbulence. Success breeds success, and as we gain the momentum of doing the actions that are going to make the real difference to our results, and repeating them on a daily / weekly / monthly basis, until they become habitual, enabling us to experiene that mind-set of “everything is possible”, as success becomes the norm.

What’s Next?

Let's have a chat! You are welcome to either call me on 07506688744 or to e-mail me on and we can set up a convenient time to have a more detailed conversation to help us identify a way forward.