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Leadership & Results Coach 

So you've made the commitment to embrace a new way forward, you want to transform your results, taking them to a brand new level, whether in relation to yourself, your businness, or both - well done! 


These decisions are easy to make, but can be more challenging to implement and sustain, especially when pitfalls crop up on your journey.

I offer a bespoke, personal and professional coaching service that allows you to win, transforming you and your results. The coaching is designed around you, helping you to be in the driving seat, navigating yourself, feeling empowered to lead yourself, and your teams, with a revitalised sense of motivation and focus. Remember, success breeds success, start winning today and they'll be no turning back.


Michael Cohen director of MiCoach

"Being so impressed with Michael’s leadership training last year, I repeated the exercise this year, with a new team of rising stars. Michael made it his priority to understand what our company was about and our unique culture. He connects the learning to the people in the room and their specific roles and has the ability to take people on an inspirational journey that continues to impact the way we work. I would certainly recommend MiCoach to grow your people. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Michael."

Rob Myer, Light Fantastic, Managing Director- 2020

personal coaching 

Achieve your personal goals for a more enriched and fulfilled life.

professional coaching

Empower yourself towards ultimate achievement in the workplace.

corporate training 

Let me develop your teams through a bespoke range of professional training packages.